January 10, 2009

  • Fine. You Win.

    Here it is, the belly picture you have all been waiting for :o ). I think I finally look pregnant, not just like I’ve gained weight. Also included, pictures of our master bedroom– I don’t even want to go into the lunacy that was involved in getting that one room put together, let’s just say that for the first few months, DH and I slept in the guest room on our old bed. We had bought the new bed frame and the new dresser which both took a month to be delivered, but we hadn’t yet bought a rug to go under the bed. The bed frame and nightstands are all one piece of furniture and we didn’t want to put them together, only to have to take them back apart and then move them in order to put a rug underneath. For some reason, it took us a long time to pick out a rug. We finally moved into the master bedroom maybe a month or so ago.


    I’m not sure why I included a picture of the car seat, but there ya’ go! We are slowly acquiring baby stuff. We have a crib that we plan to sidecar to our bed. I was having a lot of hip pain when I was trying to sleep, which started even before I got pregnant, so we ended up buying a fairly soft memory foam mattress (non-petroleum based and Okeo-tex certified that it does not contain any chemicals that are harmful to humans or the environment). I love that mattress. Within a week of sleeping on it, my hips completely stopped hurting. Anyway, I think the mattress is too soft for a newborn to sleep on, hence the sidecarring.

    This CPSIA thing is threatening to throw a huge wrench in my buying-stuff-for-the-baby plans. I went ahead and ordered a custom BabyHawk Mei Tai carrier last night because I was afraid that they might have to close up shop for awhile (even if temporarily). As far as cloth diapers go, I have bought a few of each type (prefolds, fitteds, contoured, AIOs, pockets, and wraps) and my plan was to wait until the baby shows up, try them out and then buy more of the ones that seem to work the best for us. Now, I’m wondering if I should just go ahead and buy some more infant prefolds and larger size wraps just to have something on hand if the small cloth diaper makers are forced to comply with the CPSIA and driven out of business or forced to shut down until the legislation can be amended. And have you heard about the craziness it’s causing with libraries (thanks to feebeeglee for the link)?

    Other than that… we had our first childbirth class on Tuesday. We’re taking one taught by Penny Simkin for couples planning an out-of-hospital birth. We are the only ones planning to birth at a birth center and not at home. It was mostly review for me, but it was very interesting for DH. We talked about positioning and how the baby navigates the pelvis to come out and she showed a video of a woman in labor and giving birth. It was fun to watch the other people in the class, who haven’t seen a birth before, react.

    I’ve also renewed my commitment to doing prenatal yoga. I’m taking a class Tuesdays and Thursdays. I took one back when I was about 19weeks, but have been so busy with traveling and dealing with my mom and the holidays that I just didn’t make it back. Being officially in the 3rd trimester now, if I’m going to do it, I have to make it a priority. So, I am.

    Now, I need to get on the find-a-doula ball. ASAP.

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