January 24, 2009

  • Metallic Prune Juice and Other Delights

    First, the good news, I passed my GD screen! I know this is a somewhat controversial test, but I have a few risk factors for GD and wanted to know either way. At the same time they were drawing the blood for my GD screen, they also checked my hematocrit and, unfortunately I am on the anemic side. I really never would have known, I'm not feeling symptomatic at all. Anyway, I am now taking Floradix twice a day. My midwife said it tasted like metallic prune juice and that is a pretty apt description. DH tried it and said, "Wow, that really is like drinking prune juice from a rusty cup!"  It is supposedly absorbed well and is non-constipating (unlike iron taken in pill form) so, I'm sucking it up.

    In other news, we finally bought a glider/ ottoman for general rocking/ nursing purposes. I say finally because I've been perusing craigslist on and off for months. In this area, there are TONS of gliders available on craigslist and I have a hard time justifying buying a new one when there are so many used ones available. A solid 40% of them appear to be white wood with blue/ blue jean-esque covered cushions, not really my style. In fact, I have looked at many a glider in the last few weeks (both on craigslist and at stores) and find most of them to be well... um... ugly. The few that weren't ugly were blatantly uncomfortable. When I saw the ad for the chair we bought, I thought, "Yay! Finally an acceptable combination of form and function!" It's a nice, leather Dutailier glider with matching ottoman. When I tried it out for a few minutes at the home of the seller, it *seemed* comfortable. Once I got it home and sat in it for more than a few minutes, I realized that we'd been a bit hasty. In hindsight, maybe I should have noticed that the woman selling it was both shorter and smaller boned than me. I can see how this chair would be comfortable for her, but I feel like I'm sliding out of it, like I can't sit far enough back in the seat and reclining it just makes it worse. Ugh. I cannot tell you how much I just wanted to be done with this and now it looks like I'm going to need to find another chair AND deal with trying to resell the one we bought. Back to the ol' drawing board.

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